I’ve been practicing my intentions for this year for two months now. Here’s a quick update.

Personal Goals
– meditate every single day, in a morning routine
* So far so good. I felt like I was only more distracted in the last two weeks, but then I realized that I was simply more deeply aware of these distractions. Steady progress comes from joyful effort.
– drink no alcohol in 2017 (replace booze with chocolate)
* Much chocolate and kombucha. I don’t miss alcohol actually.
– write one blog post a month
* This is a cop out. But hey, February is a short month.
– read for at least 30 minutes a day
* I’ve finished a few books so far, but notice I choose to passively peruse the internet instead of read still.

Professional Goals
– learn and build AWS infrastructures
* I’ve built integrations with DynamoDB and our team is working with SNS queues.
– learn Unix in a deeper sense
* Besides setting up bash aliases, I have become more comfortable with the Unix skills of my daily job, but not much deeper than that.
– complete a machine learning course
* Nope. Doesn’t seem to be within the focus of my job. I’m working on personal projects that bring me joy instead. 
– exceed the professional development goals set during year end review at work.
* So far so good here.

Financial Goals
– save 25% of my income
– donate 10% of my income
– invest only in socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and/or ethical ways
* I’ve started to use OpenInvest to align money with my values.
– continue tracking monthly expenses, income en route to FI.
* This document and system is great. I should expand upon it in another post.

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