Not drinking alcohol is one of my intentions for this year. Living with intention is choosing to be your own teacher, to exercise a moral discipline. I’ve read of this grand experiment of life without alcohol that others have undertaken. I want to share my own findings, just three months in, of what this intention (and others) have taught me so far.

Distraction & Apps

I have been noticing the deep addiction I have to my phone. I’ve been cycling between deleting Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram from my phone. I reinstall them on and off.

I’ve found that Snapchat is fun one day a week, but otherwise mostly distracting. Twitter is highly addictive. I don’t like Instagram or Facebook at all. I reach for my phone reflexively and, without those apps installed, my thumb hovers around the glowing screen, lost and confused. It’s a tough habit to break, by design.

Living in the here and now is where the deepest joys are hidden. But they are hidden, right below the short lived dopamine that these apps deliver. Without them, I feel more present, less anxious about the world.

I also felt like I was missing out on important events, with the world and with friends. I subscribe to the Trump Tracker, which sends me a daily report on politics. And I catch up with friends whenever I think of them, texting them instead of getting the social media perspective on their lives. It seems more mindful so far.

Fun & Alcohol

The highest truth is fun. Getting burnt out with things happens when we stop having fun. By choosing to make life fun, a cycle of constantly being reenergized takes place.

By intentionally not drinking this year, I’ve realized that I thought fun and alcohol were the same thing. It’s subtle, but common. We have beer commercials and billboards showing folks having the best time, with the branded can in their hands that deceives us into thinking it’s a key ingredient. It isn’t true.

In fact, it’s quite radical to always speak with the pure positive honesty that I used to find two drinks in.

Writing & Creating

I intend to write more, to create more things. I’ve got a lot of projects in the works, but am continuing on the Consensual Advertising project with a new article this week. I also hacked away at getting a SSL certificate installed on this domain this month.

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