Lucas Moore

Software Engineer in Denver, Colorado ⛰️

About Me

I create software with Ruby, Python and TypeScript. I love tinkering with Solidity for Ethereum blockchain projects.

Currently a Senior Software Engineer at Guild Education.


Check out my work and my personal Github accounts.

I'm proud of these contributions:
This PR got me a job at Ibotta.Shoryuken PR #543

West Bluff Food Forest

In 2018, I bought 15 acres of land at the end of a dirt road in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

There’s a dilapidated hunting cabin from the 1970s, maples groves, slate stone gullies and wild berries galore. It’s a lifelong project to create a home, a permaculture orchard and a life here. This is where I write about it..

Royal Palace motel

I'm also a musician! You can check out my band's music on Spotify, Apple Music, all that jazz.

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